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Coastal Hospitality Management Company (CHMC) is the preferred Property Management company of Coastal Hospitality Group (CHG), and oversees the individual propertys daily operations. Our centralized reservation and marketing structure allows our on-site managers to focus on customer service and maintaining the property, as all sales and marketing for each property is performed from our corporate office, where trained marketing professionals are loading proper inventory, rates, and promotions on a constant basis. Our on-site property managers go through thorough training in customer service, team management and property maintenance. In additional our Regional Manager visits each property weekly, spending time with each member of the on-site staff to stay on top of potential issues, and ensure performance. Our corporate office monitors daily financial performance, performs weekly audits, and submits monthly, quarterly and annual reports to our clients and investors.

As hotel owners, we understand the importance of not only maximizing net operating income, but also investing in the proper capital improvements and establishing an adequate on-going maintenance program to protect and grow the overall value of the structure and business.

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While we are flexible in structure, a typical property management agreement will include a base management fee of 3-5% of gross revenue, plus an incentive fee of 10-20% of net income. For this, our company offers the following services and a commitment to increase net operating income:

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Establish an annual operating budget & forecasts to review with owner, including strategic marketing and capital improvement business plans.

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Plug into the CHG central reservation center, where all in-bound calls, emails and customer service inquiries are handled, freeing onsite staff to focus on their guests and property. All marketing and yield management is handled here as well.

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Full operating responsibilities, from hiring and managing employees, property upkeep, quality control and customer service, to complete administrative services such as bill pay, vendor management, etc...

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Financial reporting can be established as often as requested by our clients, whether it be a daily night audit report, weekly occupancy & ADR data, and/or monthly, quarterly and annual full-scale operating reports.

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Asset management and value-add program establishment and execution which includes debt management, construction oversight, entitlements, and repositioning of properties.

If you are a hotel owner, who is either running the business yourself, or overseeing a General Manager or an investment group looking to partner with an experienced operator, email or call us at: [email protected] or call: 877 350 0053 ext 700.

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